10:00 Registration in C36, Department of Physics at Lancaster University

10:30 Opening remarks and session A
A1 – “Modelling charge-carrier complexes in two-dimensional materials and their heterostructures” Ryan Hunt, Lancaster University.
A2 – “Valley-polarised ballistic electron channels at delaminations in bilayer graphene” Thomas Lane, University of Manchester.
A3 – “Optimal charge-to-spin conversion in graphene on transition metal dichalcogenides” Manuel Offidani, University of York.

11:30 Break with refreshments

12:00 Session B
B1 – “Experimental simulation of Majorana-based quantum computation” Jiannis Pachos, University of Leeds.
B2 – “Combining the Mechanisms of Adiabatic Quantum Computation and Quantum Walks” Nick Chancellor, Durham University.
B3 – “On-chip demagnetisation cooling of electrons in a nano-electronic device” Alex Jones, Lancaster University.

13:00 Lunch (A7 and the atrium of the Physics building)

14:30 Session C
C1 – “Non-ergodic Quantum Dynamics in Highly Excited States of a Kinematically Constrained Rydberg Chain” Christopher Turner, University of Leeds.
C2 – “Analytic Few Photon Scattering in Waveguide QED for Entanglement Generation” David Hurst, University of Sheffield.
C3 – “On-chip electro-mechanical routing of single photons from an embedded quantum emitter” Zofia Bishop, University of Sheffield.

15:30 Refreshment break

16:00 Session D
D1 – “Quantum metrology of spatial deformation using arrays of classical and quantum light emitters” Jasminder Sidhu, University of Sheffield.
D2 – “Quantum & Classical Integrated Navigation” Chinmaya Mishra, University of Liverpool.

16:40 Wrap-up and a trip to the pub!